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Positive Approaches to Substance Abuse Posted: Tue, April 8, 2014

The "Positive Approaches to Substance Abuse" session originally scheduled for April 10th will be rescheduled for a date in May....

September 10th Board of Education Meeting Posted: Tue, September 10, 2013

The agenda for the Westbrook Board of Education meeting on September 10th is available for download on the BOE Minutes...

Westbrook Middle School Spring Fair Posted: Thu, June 20, 2013

The Spring Fair will be held tonight from 5:00pm to 8:00pm at the Westbrook Middle School.

Automated Attendance Calling Posted: Tue, May 14, 2013

In an effort to improve communication and ensure the continued safety of all students, our school district is adding an...

Subscribe to EMail News from the Schools Posted: Tue, May 14, 2013

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Fiesta of Reading


On March 31st, Daisy Ingraham students took part in a "Fiesta of Reading."  Students came to school dressed in "Fiesta" clothing and older students read books to their younger buddies.  Mrs. Freeman's kindergarten class pictured above even made their own sombreros! 

3rd Graders Get Involved in School Climate

As part of the school climate initiative third grade students have been engaged in kindness activities. They are learning how to solve problems, nurture friendships, and become up standers instead of bystanders. Students created bulletin boards using the book titled, "The Juice Box Bully", written by Bob Sornson & Mara Dismondy. This book empowers kids to stand up for others.


Letter from the Principal

Dear Parents,

Happy New Year!  I am very happy to announce that, for the past two years, Daisy Ingraham has been recognized by the State Department of Education as an Excelling School.   Only 25% of schools in Connecticut have achieved this status. 

The State Department has computed a School Performance Index (SPI) to let schools and communities know how they are performing with respect to goals established by the department.   A school must achieve an SPI score of 88 or above to be considered an “Excelling School.”   This score is determined by the performance of the students in third and fourth grade on the Connecticut Mastery Test.  The three factors that go into the SPI for “Excelling Schools” are:  more than 25 percent of students scored “advanced level”  in 3 out of 4 subjects on the CMT,  participation rate on the CMT is above 95 percent, and the gap between the subgroups and all students is less than 10 SPI points.

We are proud of students for reaching this level and thankful for the parent support that helps us to attain this goal.


Katharine Bishop, Principal


The Mitten Tree


Throughout the month of December, students and staff collected mittens, scarves, and hats to be donated to needy children.

This annual project is based on the book The Mitten Tree by Candace Christiansen.  In the story a woman sees that a boy does not have mittens, so she knits a pair of mittens and hangs them on the tree.  The next morning the boy finds the mittens and is very grateful to have warm hands. 

Our project was quite successful.  We collected over 100 pairs of mittens!  We delivered the mittens to area agencies.  They will use the mittens throughout this winter season to help keep our community warm.

Many thanks to those who have helped us this year.

First Harvest


What a crop! Justin, Jami, Marina and Lebron show off the garden's first harvest. Fourth grade students recently picked the lettuce grown in the new green house and then enjoyed a side salad with their lunch. A tasty delight, straight from the garden to their plates!

Greenhouse ready to plant seeds for a new year
The new Greenhouse at Daisy Ingraham School is up and the beds have dirt.  Following the visitation on Monday, August 26 from 2:00-3:00, you can see the wonderful addition and help us plant.  The Greenhouse was made possible by the Westbrook Foundation and the Daisy PTO.  It will be dedicated in memory of Joanne Murray at the Family Picnic on September 11.  Our thanks go to Sylvia Guinan who organized the project, Dwayne, Devin, and Jack Xenelis who did all the site work, Alec Orlowski and his crew who put the Greenhouse together and built the beds, Dawn and David Hendrixson who without their garden expertise we would not be ready to go.  Jim Keating did the plumbing and Acorn Electric helped with electrical work.  Connecticut Irrigation is donating a sprinkler system.  Ray Hayes and Larry Dinger have also helped out.  This is a major project and we will need help from many families.  If any of you have gently used small garden tools and would like to donate them, please feel free to send them into school.


Rookie Awards

The Music Boosters gave three "Rookie" awards during the 4th grade music concert on June 11th.  The recipients of the awards are selected by Mrs. Stockton and Mrs. Hammond for their exceptional work in music and their desire to go above and beyond the expectations of the program.  The awards were given to Cole, Jack, and Mason.  Congratulations and thanks to the Westbrook Music Boosters for their continued support of the Daisy Ingraham Music Program.


Insurance for Kids:  2nd Graders Catch On Quickly

Gowrie Group, a prominent independent insurance agency, believes strongly in connecting with the local community.  On Tuesday, several Gowrie Group employees made a trip to Westbrook, Connecticut's Daisy Ingraham Elementary School to teach Mrs. Parkhurst's second grade class the basics of the insurance industry.  Emily Gumbrecht and Lizzie Baker, Gowrie Group's summer-interns, led the students through a fun and interactive lesson on what insurance is and why it is important.  
The kids learned about many different types of insurance, including home, auto, boat, and medical insurance.  The class also discussed various weather events and situations - hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, getting very sick, car accident - that may result in the filing of an insurance claim.

Emily and Lizzie played a game with the kids to help them better understand the concept of insurance.  Students exchanged Monopoly money for "Insurance Promise Cards," which represented insurance for matchbox cars.  After students raced and crashed their matchbox cars, Emily and Lizzie helped "repair the damages" to cars owned by students who had purchased insurance. Those who had not purchased insurance for their cars did not receive any assistance after the crash.  This hands-on example showed students just how helpful and important insurance can be.


This session was part of a second grade unit on the many different types of "community helpers."  The class also took trips to the local post office, town hall, and First Niagara Bank.
Ed Gumbrecht, President and COO of Gowrie Group stated, "We really enjoy reaching out to schools and helping kids learn more about business. I think the kids were surprised to realize that they already know a lot about risk management after living through two hurricanes in the past two years."  Cathy Benzi, a Marine Account Manager at Gowrie, and Whitney Peterson, Gowrie Group's VP of Marketing, also helped put together this outreach event.

Mrs. Cloutier's Talent Show

Mrs. Cloutier's 4th grade class held a talent show. Jack (middle) from Mrs. Brown's class wrote his own song entitled Back and Forth. His peers joined him for the performance. Shown are Mason on french horn, Jesse on clarinet, Jack on clarinet, Lauren on trumpet and Bailey on clarinet.


Fraction Museum

Mrs. Burns' third grade class created a Fraction Museum to show off their knowledge of fractions. Kindergarten and other primary grade classes visited. Students were able to ask questions about the fraction exhibits and see how fractions are in everyday things all around us.


Weave Across Cultures

Students in Mrs. Kukta’s class recently traveled to the Windham Textile Museum to meet their buddy class from Groton for a guided tour around the industrial mill village.

Students reenacted being processed as a European immigrant arriving through Ellis Island in the early 20th century.  They learned about cotton mills and crafted their own woven basket.

Coming to America and arriving at Ellis Island.


Some immigrants get sent to Isolation Area, while some immigrants get approved for entrance to the USA.



Read Across America!


Daisy Ingraham School celebrated its annual “Read Across America” event, on Friday, March 1st. Following NEA’s theme of “Grab Your Hat and Read With the Cat”, students and staff wore their favorite hats to school. Both students and staff also participated in a book exchange.

4th Grade Students Support Troops with Book Drive

Students in Mrs. Salerno's 4th grade class held a book drive earlier in the year to support our soldiers.  Read more about what happened in "The Day".

Art Linares Visits Daisy Ingraham Elementary School


Senator-elect Art Linares visited with the fourth graders. He shared information about his campaign and background. The students' thoughtful questions were answered informatively and enthusiastically.

Mitten Tree

Mitten Tree.JPG

Students and staff at Daisy Ingraham School collected over 155 pairs of mittens.  That’s a lot of mittens!

The children and adults at Westbrook Youth and Family Services will be warmed this year by their generosity.  We would like to thank everyone who contributed mittens to our tree this year!

Thanksgiving Feast!


Mrs. Kukta's and Mrs. Paulsen's buddy classes joined together for a Thanksgiving feast. The students read books together and made a paper basket and filled it with items to represent the traditions of the pilgrims and the Native Americans.

Daisy Ingraham Presidential Election


Students placed their votes in the ballot box for the Daisy Ingraham Presidential Election.  The election results at Daisy mirrored that of the actual election.

Local Newscaster Visits Daisy


Irene O'Connor, anchor of Eyewitness News This Morning, stopped by Daisy Ingraham to give the 4th grade students an overview about broadcasting.  Mrs. O'Connor was interviewed by this week's Kids News Team as the 4th grade students looked on.

Mrs. Cloutier's 4th grade class held a talent show. Jack (middle) from Mrs. Brown's class wrote his own song entitled Back and Forth.  His peers joined him for the performance. Shown are Mason on french horn, Jesse on clarinet, Jack on clarinet, Lauren on trumpet and Bailey on clarinet.

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